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The month of Rajab which we will enter is the seventh month of the Hijra calendar. It is part of ‘Ash’hur al hurum’ and is Shahrullah, meaning the month of Allah. A person should fast in this month and ask for forgiveness.

For a person who fasts for the first day, three years of Nawafil fasting Thawaab are given, 2 years for the second day, and for the third day 1 years’ worth of rewards are given. This is evident with Hadith Shareef. After the first three days, 1 months’ worth of rewards are given for every day fasted.

Because this is the month of Allah, Surah Ikhlas which confirms the oneness of Allah should be recited frequently.

In showing respect for this month, every day 11 Surah Ikhlas should be read, Tawheed, Istigfar and Salawat should be recited.

There are two holy nights in this month:

  1. The first Friday night is Ragaib.
  2. The twenty seventh night is Mi’raj.

On the first night, Salat Tasbih should be prayed or Salat which is pertained to this month. The description of these prayers will be explained in detail in the following days.
To read 100 Surah Ikhlas with 7 Surah Fatiha at the beginning and end, also has a lot of Thawaab.

A person should read as many Khatim Anbiya and fast during this month. Fasting on the 13th, 14th, and 15th days, known as Ayyam Bidh, will cure people from many illnesses.