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Jummah Sadaqah 

Jummah Sadaqah 

Jummah Sadaqah 

Jummah Sadaqah 

Jummah Sadaqah 

It is a blessed day, a weekly Eid!

The Messenger of Allah ﷺ said:

The best day on which the sun rises is Friday. (Muslim)

This is our day of congregation, when our mosques are full for the special midday prayer, where we sit quietly listening to the khutbah (sermon). It is a blessed day, a weekly Eid!

Scroll down for hadiths and a Friday checklist.

Make sure you never miss charity on the best day of the week, a day of so many virtues!

The Prophet ﷺ said:

The most beloved of actions are the most constant. (al-Bukhari & Muslim)

Use the form below for either a one-off donation or, even better, set up a regular donation and never miss sadaqah on a Friday! To give $15 each Friday, this is the same as $60 per month. ($2 per day.)

Jummah Checklist

  • Take a shower (ghusl)
  • Wear clean, suitable clothes
  • Put on some nice fragrance
  • Go to Jumu‘ah Prayer as early as possible
  • Listen quietly and attentively to the kuhtbah (sermon)
  • Read Surah Al-Kahf
  • Send blessings upon Prophet Muhammad ﷺ as much as possible (salawat)
  • Do good deeds and seek forgiveness
  • Give in charity

May Allah enable us all to realise the blessings of Jumu‘ah.

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Jummah Sadaqah

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